Welcome to The Sweaty Pig!

The Sweaty Pig is designed to be the most capable strength gym in the Nation! Unless youre a floot footed prude who NEEDS calibrated plates, a sociopath, or general asshole youll love it here! Click on the link below to sign the disclosure and get started!


Shamelessly Girthy

At The Sweaty Pig, we strive to provide the best and most current implements for you to suffer with at Utah’s premier strength gym. This is a Strongman Gym with plenty to offer in the Highland and Powerlifting realms.

Full access: $70 month

Weekend only: $50 month

Drop-in: $15

Cash preferred.


We provide the largest and best selection of strongman and highland implements in the state.

No matter what anyone says.

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Full selection of cardio and weight training is also provided with 24 hour access. Strongman needs conditioning, who knew?

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And if you ever get lonely, there will also be powerlifters. If any mention their DOTS score, we apologize and will address the issue as soon as possible.

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  • Amy Blake, LexCorp

    We asked The Sweaty Pig to change our training and they changed our lives! I have to shit standing up now!

  • Felix

    Its alright.

  • Mike Wallace, Wayne Enterprises

    The Sweaty Pig really upped my game and my spirituality. I have died at least twice there!